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At Absolutely Coconuts we are very proud to offer you such a fantastic selection of products, information and tips when it comes to this amazing fruit.

Let’s begin with our cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, simply add to your food for a delicious tropical flavour, cook and bake with it, make a creamy and delicious smoothie, even spread it on toast! We love to make healthy energy balls, superfood flapjacks, salad dressings and tasty chocolate puddings!

Take a look at our extra virgin coconut oil and you will discover that our oil is treated with love, taking our time to bring you such a pure coconut oil that retains all the goodness you would expect, no chemicals, no heat and no bleach found here!

We know you have many wonderful ways to use our organic extra virgin coconut oil, coconut syrups and sugars. And at Absolutely Coconuts we love to see you go #nutsaboutcoconuts  so share the love by tweeting, posting and blogging your favourite recipes, hair and skin care creationsservices, tell us what you love about all things coconuts.

Share your blog posts with us on instagram, twitter and Facebook we would love to see how use our favourite fruit. Take a look at our online shop right here at absolutely coconuts for our cold pressed and totally delicious coconut oil, syrups, sugars, beauty products and more.







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How many ways can you use a coconut?

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Multi purpose reconstituted bags of organic coir. Can be used for seed raising or cuttings and as a base for homemade composts

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 Very absorbent with fantastic odour elimination completely natural and pet safe; free from chemicals, silica dust and fragrances made of organic and biodegradable coconut

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Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil LARGE 1 ltr

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Absolutely Coconuts is a high quality oil suitable for a multitude of uses, from cooking, baking, sauce making or simply spreading on toast to beauty treatments, hair care and skin care.

Our organic extra virgin coconut oils are cold pressed from fresh coconuts giving you a high quality oil that retains all the goodness of the coconut, we take pride in providing you not only a wonderful, coconut oil that has been treated with complete respect from start to finish but on that is made in a sustainable way too.

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Organic Extra Virgin (Raw) Coconut Oil – 500ml

Our Extra virgin coconut oil is obtained by centrifuging the fresh, undiluted, cold pressed coconut milk at 8000 rpm to separate solids,

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